Brothers and Sisters,

Local 2024 fully support the Brothers and Sisters of Teamsters 763 in their Labor dispute with the employer AMR.

South King Fire and Rescue has a contract for service with AMR. Local 2024 and South King County Fire and Rescue agree that enforcing the contract for service with the agreed upon performance penalties is one of the ways we can support the Teamsters in their effort to force AMR back to the negotiation table to bargain a fair contract. Teamsters 763 fully understands that as sworn fire fighters we are obligated to provide BLS services, including transport when necessary, and do not expect us to withhold any EMS services during the strike. Local 2024 is working under the close direction of the WSCFF and IAFF 7th District Vice President Ricky Walsh.
Teamsters Local 763 is still preparing for a strike on Friday at noon; and so is AMR. You may notice “riders” on AMR apparatus at incident scenes. These are potential replacement workers who are “observing” in order to learn the job in preparation for the strike. They are “scabs.” Many of these people are supervisors, and/or, from out of state. At this point in time those people from out of state will not be able to operate as an EMT in Washington State. Local 27 has been working with our elected officials to deny recognition of out of state employees.
Local 27 and the Washington State Council of Firefighters have been working closely with Teamsters 763. The Washington State Council of Firefighters would like to provide some direction on how to interact with these “riders” in this situation to appropriately support Local 763:
•Be professional and respectful with all AMR employees, especially in public.
•Do not threaten any AMR employees.
•Do not allow this work dispute to affect our service to the citizens of Seattle and King County
•Please express support for AMR EMT’s and Teamsters 763 as they fight for a fair contract.
•Feel free to ask them questions such as:
Why are you here?
Are you going to be working if there is a strike?
What were you going to do over the Christmas holidays before having to replace the Teamsters?


Layne Winter
IAFF 2024